Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival ended last night. I engaged in entertainment fury for the past several days after being cooped up for weeks in my room. Probably the only person among my group of friends who could say that they've actually experienced the festival.

Besides the various performances along Princes Street and the Royal Mile, most venues had extended opening hours during the festival. I finally visited the National Gallery of Scotland for a glance at the art, revisited a floor of the National Museum, as well as a brief visit at the Edinburgh College of Art.

A record of shows I've watched during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011:

Blood Brothers by Willy Russell
Clockheart Boy by Sam Gayton
Exsomnia by Benji Sperring
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Mr Kolpert by David Gieselmann
Recursion by Patrick Robertson
17 Things 
RogerandTom by Julien Schwab
Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare
The World According to Bertie by Alexander McCall Smith
Terra (Italian Play)
Lullabies of Broadmoor - The Demon Box
Lullabies of Broadmoor - The Murder Club
Lullabies of Broadmoor - Venus at Broadmoor
Lullabies of Broadmoor   - Wilderness

The Prophecy by Jennifer Hogan (Celtic dance: Yeat's The Changeling)

Homemade Fusion by Michael Kooman & Christopher Diamond
The Music of Les Miserables by Claude-Michel Schonberg & Alain Boublil

Esa Pekka Salonen on Poem of Ecstasy

Next goals:
Visit all museums/art galleries in Edinburgh
Hike Edinburgh's 7 hills.


I can do this.

I must not fail.

Must not give in.

The demon is within.


This is just stupid.


Some people love you, some people hate you. But what does it matter? This too is a fleeting. Time will pass and memories will fade. Love and hate both is forgotten except as a distant memory at a corner of your mind. What is permanent is the change that needed to be invoked at that present point we now call the past. Without it... How could the force arise? The force that could propel us forward away from the clinging boundaries of normalcy and death and plunge us into life- if only for a moment. That crucial tipping point of a moment.

Strange isn't it, that an experience is all in the mind? That one needn't leave one's seat in order to "experience". That it is possible to wreak havoc without having to face "actual" consequences of your actions. It is like experiencing the circumstances of death, yet escaping that itself while earning the all-important lesson. Lessons that will serve you well in the harsh, real, and permanent world. It is only known, that it is experience that makes the man, (or the woman) but not the source or the sort of experience, only the degree of its intensity.

How do you feel now?

Hard. Focused. Intent.

I have achieved my end.

Born with Nothing, Die with Everything

Fed-up, tired, sick and twisted
One-man army, I'm enlisted
Trust yourself trust no one else
Fuck a hero be yourself 

I don't need your lousy hand-out
Clenched fists i'll fight my way out
Fighting my way out
Find my way out

People wake up and sing along
I trust no one
My trust is gone

Born with nothing
Die with everything

In a daze these days go by
Faster and faster I speed through life
Now I've got to take control
Of my mental and my physical 

Never sheltered from life's hard storms
I was cold but now I am warm
Inside I'm warm

(Now I am warm)

Searching and finding the truth inside myself
Inside myself

My soul was starving
I was born with nothing
I'll die with everything


It's over. Back to work.


Need... To get past this hurdle. Desperately.