Some people love you, some people hate you. But what does it matter? This too is a fleeting. Time will pass and memories will fade. Love and hate both is forgotten except as a distant memory at a corner of your mind. What is permanent is the change that needed to be invoked at that present point we now call the past. Without it... How could the force arise? The force that could propel us forward away from the clinging boundaries of normalcy and death and plunge us into life- if only for a moment. That crucial tipping point of a moment.

Strange isn't it, that an experience is all in the mind? That one needn't leave one's seat in order to "experience". That it is possible to wreak havoc without having to face "actual" consequences of your actions. It is like experiencing the circumstances of death, yet escaping that itself while earning the all-important lesson. Lessons that will serve you well in the harsh, real, and permanent world. It is only known, that it is experience that makes the man, (or the woman) but not the source or the sort of experience, only the degree of its intensity.

How do you feel now?

Hard. Focused. Intent.

I have achieved my end.