Being completely and utterly defeated

 It's a blessing, to lose everything. For a person who has nothing has everything to gain. The more we possess, the more we stand to lose. Which is why the ones who own nothing fear nothing and the ones who possess fear losing that which they possess.

There are two types of beggars: Unhappy ones who curse and want more, and happy ones who are happy to have nothing other than their daily bread. How carefree the latter- where their only concern is how to use their daily earnings to fill their stomachs. Whereas the former scrimp and live in fear and suspicion of losing the little that they keep.

Fear. Isn't it an illusion to imagine that we can possess in the first place? Is it the object that we seek to possess, or the possession of the experience associated with the object that we seek?

You think you own whatever land you land on
The earth is just a dead thing you can claim

Possessions are just that: dead things. Lands we possess but are not able to enjoy. People we strive to "own", yet... There is joy in spontaneity that can never be captured, or rather, should not be captured. There is beauty in the flow, for just as breath captured becomes foul; and captured animals lose their vitality, doesn't captured love soon loses its meaning? Perhaps.

Does a captured heart stay with us forever? Or must we capture it over and over again? Or can the most we capture only a fraction of a heart, for a fraction is the maximum allotted to us?

If only I can be as a beggar. A contented beggar.
Wanting nothing, enjoying everything, fearing nothing.