The latest excitement in my home country is the rally for a clean and fair electoral process, Bersih 2.0. Why such opposition by the existing government? Why fear Bersih if the electoral process is already as fair as it should be? Such reaction itself betrays of tyranny and of having something to hide.

Putting aside my personal stance on the matter, I have found the myriad reactions of various people on facebook regarding Bersih very interesting indeed.

There are those who are in enthusiastic support of the rally, posting articles from the Malaysian Insider, and replacing their profile pictures with the Bersih badge.

At the other end of the spectrum are the cynics who think that it doesn't really matter because both parties are idiots anyway, or that the "fight" for "democracy" represented by Bersih is a mere bogus.

Then there are others who are annoyed by the fact that the numerous roadblocks, closed shops and disturbance caused by the rally are in turn causing such an inconvenience to their daily lives.

Still others harbor resentment and racial prejudice trolling about spewing acid in biting sarcasm. I would have found it very witty and amusing, if I weren't disturbed by some of these accusations.

Interesting indeed.