Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I finally got down to watching this 2004 romantic flick which I had heard so much about (it being a number of people's favourite), but hadn't actually watched. You'd be able to guess from the fact that I'm actually posting about it, that I pretty much enjoyed it as well, if only for the storyline alone.

Without spoiling the show for those who haven't watched it, this is the story of a man whose girlfriend decided to impulsively erase her memory of him through the services of Lacuna enterprise, a company that offers "memory erasure" services for a fee after a nasty argument. In horror and hurt that she had actually made the decision to just "erase him almost as a lark", he decided to do the same: erase off his own memory of her forever (Heck, she started it). 

The movie goes on to show Joel laying asleep with a machine over his head in the process of memory erasure. He falls back into various scenes and memories the both of them had together. Recollecting those memories once more ironically made him realize just how much he treasured them: He couldn't bear to forget her, no matter how much it hurt.

This is bad as with the passing of every memory, more and more of her were being erased. The process can't be stopped no matter how hard he tries to run. Will everything be forgotten in the morning, just as promised by the "eraser guys"? Or will he be able to retain any remnant of his memories of her?

Amazing storyline with very interesting twists. And probably the best Jim Carrey film to boot.